Meet the Mamas

Tannis Maynard-Langedijk

There is always music being played at Tannis’ house.  If you stop by, someone is surely strumming on a guitar or singing along to Danny Kaye.  Be careful, if you go in you may feel an instant urge to pick up her ukulele and play along.

Georgia Urban

Georgia takes the term “multi instrumentalist” to a new level.  She learned to play the musical saw from a gentleman named “Sawbones” who was living in a retirement home in Peterborough.  She once played a duet with someone playing the chainsaw.  They played a great rendition of The Blue Danube Waltz. ‘la la la la la’ ‘vroom vroom, vroom vroom’.  (She also plays less dangerous instruments, such as guitar, mandolin, bass, penny whistle, harmonica and accordion).

Chantal von Maydell

In grade 7, Fiddle Mama did a project on the ‘how to play the jaw harp’ for her English class.  Since then it has been one of her favorite talents.  She has even been known to nurse a baby and play one at the same time.